Where is Kliff Kingsbury?

The recently fired coach of the Arizona Cardinals is “taking some time to himself” according to sources close to Kliff Kingsbury.

“I’ve gotta admit, I thought my pal Kliff would just immediately start interviewing for other NFL jobs,” said an anonymous chum of Coach K. “Heck, maybe even some college ball. But now he’s out of the country, on some ‘journey of self discovery’ or whatever.”

“He didn’t even say where he was going,” said another friend. “Said he bought a one-way ticket, though. We’re all a little worried about him.”

Some luggage photographed outside Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Maybe this was Kliff Kingsbury’s luggage! And maybe it wasn’t.

Kliff Kingsbury was recently spotted in Thailand, which is probably as far from Arizona as you can get.

Safe travels, Coach K!

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