Doubters Propose Murray Faked ACL Injury

Kyler Murray, the young QB for everyone’s favorite birds the Arizona Cardinals, has come under a lot of scrutiny!

For awhile, the Cardinals HQ, the Mothership of the Arizona Cardinals, wanted to assign him HOMEWORK like he was a 5th grader. Dang, Coach Kingsbury, no adult deserves that! We hope you don’t give fractions worksheets to the players on your new team!

After Cardinals skeptics shared a “leaked image” of Mr. Murray’s knee x-ray, folks are insisting that the injury was faked because Kyler Murray either just wants to eat bon bons all the time and not play football or because Kyler Murray just doesn’t want to play for the Arizona Cardinals.

“Look at this x-ray,” said an anonymous Cardinals fan and Murray doubter. “Kyler Murray said he doesn’t want to ‘gross anybody out’ with a ‘sick-looking ACL tear.’ So he colored over it with a crayon. And the media just eats it up! ‘Oh, that’s so considerate of you, Kyler Murray!’ Well, I say that’s BS! Kyler Murray colored over his knee x-ray because there was no injury to his ACL.

Dude, the whole thing is clearly just a drawing
of a knee x-ray. Did you think bones looked like that irl? lol

GL in the off-season, Kyler Murray! We hope you come back to football rested and refreshed!

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