NCAA Football Playoff FAQs

It’s almost time for the NCAA College Football Playoffs where we can check out the best of best future NFL-ers!

Let’s take a look at some Frequently Asked FAQs about the playoff games!

I forgot about college football playoffs. Is my team in the playoffs?
Probably not lol.

What about my team?

Well, what teams did make it to the playoffs.
Georgia, Ohio the State, the Michigan, and TCU.

Is it too late to place bets on the college football playoffs?
That’s the magic of gambling: it’s never too late! Well, unless the game has started already. Or if it’s over.

How does I do a bet on a NCAA
Betting is so easy these days, all you have to do is download an app on your smartphone. You can pick Draft King, Bet MGM, Cash Flusher, or Paycheck Punter. Just enter your bank account info and you’re ready to WIN BIG and start living large like the folks in the commercials. You’re one college football game win away from having ten sports cars and being able to tell your boss to shove it!

I already drained my bank account betting on the regular NFL season.
That sucks. If that happened to you or any of your pals, here is a real cool website to look at!

Wait, what’s the website?
Just click on it, it’s cool. There’s like funny tik toks, games, animal gifs.

Are there hot babes and dudes?
The hottest. Yes, definitely. And there’s a chat! You can totally chat with babes and dudes. Oh, and here’s the phone number of a really cool babe and/or dude! 1-800-522-4700

Are you trying to trick me into clicking a link or dialing a number for gambling addiction help?
Would we do that?

Okay, FINE. No matter what those fake rich people in the commercial tell you, you can’t magically get rich by gambling on whether or not the head coach sharts his pants during the game.

This is what happens when the coach doesn’t shart himself.

WHATEVER I’LL CLICK THE STUPID LINK. But I still want to bet on the games.

So how do I get more money to gamble?
Check couch cushions, an old purse or suitcase, or even random parking lots for loose change.

That’s not enough.
omg plz don’t do anything illegal.

Can we have your money?

Why not?
Do you have any questions about the actual college football playoffs?

Okay, GL and have fun watching the big games!

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