Winner of Terry Bradshaw’s Vault Describes “profound disappointment”

Alongside the Win Terry Bradshaw’s Money Contest, Fox Sports also seized Mr. Bradshaw’s family vault for another shameless promotion where some average joe enters a contest to rob our pal Terry Bradshaw of his life savings.

The winner of this year’s contest to win the contents of Terry’s vault has shared the “winnings” on the condition of anonymity.

Let’s hear what was in the vault!

“I was so disappointed,” lamented the winner. “I thought we were going to get like jewels or diamonds or autographed footballs. Or maybe some family heirlooms we could sell on Ebay or whatever. But all we got was a lousy chair, some old newspapers, and boxes of Terry’s old crap! Last time I enter a contest like that.”

A very well-drawn open vault!  It is empty except for a very well-drawn chair, a pile of newspapers, and boxes labelled "Terry's baby pics", "Terry's high school textbooks", and "???".

The contents of the vault were reportedly tossed in a dumpster.

Sending good vibes to you, Terry Bradshaw!

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