Baker Mayfield to Move Into SoFi Stadium?

The only NFL fans who can watch Thursday Night Football are the fans who are also Amazon Prime members. And if you were one of those lucky folks, you probably saw quarterback Baker Mayfield’s debut with the Los Angeles Rams in their home game against the Las Vegas Raiders! What a night for the former Brown Panther!

Rams fans and frenemies are all wondering the same thing: will their new QB and his wife move into SoFi Stadium?

The Cleveland Browns took full advantage of the “other duties as assigned” bullet point in the quarterback job description. Soon after signing with the Browns, the rookie QB was pulling all-nighters mixing the nacho cheese, baking pretzels, and mowing the field to get ready for game day.

“It really made him feel at home in the stadium,” said a close friend of the Mayfields. “Well, it was their home!”

Baker and Mrs. Mayfield could soon be living here!

The Mayfields notably did not move into Bank of America Stadium, and look how that turned out for the Panthers.

Good luck, Baker Mayfield! We hope you’ve found your forever home!

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