Which Odell Beckham Will Return to the NFL?

With all the popular science fiction films these days, we’re all familiar with multiverse theory!

Our universe’s version of Odell Beckham Jr. suffered an ACL injury in the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Which brings us to the biggest question on the minds of NFL coaches: which version of Odell Beckham will be returning to the NFL?

Current Universe Odell Beckham. We might be able to get the boring outcome where our own universe’s Odell Beckham comes back to the NFL. This version of Odell Beckham likes to sleep on airplanes.

Magician Odell Beckham. This universe’s Odell Beckham knows some cool magic tricks! He might not be able to fly with a magic cape, but he can totally saw a dude in half.

Salamander Odell Beckham. This version of Odell Beckham comes from a universe where everyone is a really cute lizard! He might not be a football star, but if his tail falls off, it will probably grow back and stuff.

Odell Beckham from Universe #47

Robot Odell Beckham. This Odell Beckham decided to make some upgrades to be better at football!

Just a few minor adjustments.

Cheese Odell Beckham. Universe #7’s Odell Beckham is a giant cheese wedge. Yum!

Sweet, we hope Universe #510’s Odell Beckham is a box of Wheat Thins.

We can’t wait to see any and all Odells Beckham!

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