Cowboys Disappointed That RB Elliott Spoiled Turkey Day Throwback Helmets

Ezekiel Elliott shared a pic on social media of a neat Dallas Cowboys throwback helmet, and Cowboys staff was not having it.

Mr. Elliott also revealed that the Cowboys were planning on wearing special throwback garb on Thanksgiving Day!

“So excited to wear this Dallas Cowboy throwback helmet on Thanksgiving,” Mr. Elliott captioned.

Unfortunately Cowboys staff wanted the fun helmets to be a surprise. “We’re extremely disheartened that Mr. Elliott would share an organization secret on the Facebook like this,” said a Dallas representative.

“I don’t get it, it’s obviously a joke,” said a confused Ezekiel Elliott. “It’s clearly one of those neat turkey hats and not an actual football helmet.”

We hear you, Ezekiel Elliott! And we can’t wait to see the real mystery helmets that no one’s ever seen before on Turkey Day!

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