Our Fave Tom & Gisele Conspiracy Theories

The internet and sports analysts can’t get enough of the good gossip about Tom “Touchdown Tom” Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele “Mrs. Touchdown Tom” Bündchen! We don’t know about you, but we love hearing our pals with Big Football spilling the tea about celeb divorce dramas.

Let’s take a gander at our favorite conspiracy theories about Touchdown and Mrs. Tom!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are the same person. Conspiracy theory experts have revealed that Mr. and Mrs. Brady have never been seen together in the same room! We wish we had gotten an invite to the wedding, we would love to see how they pulled that off!

Gislee went to quarterback tryouts and was a better QB than Tom Touchdown, and the Bucs wanted to sign her but then Tomdown Tom got jealous and decide to send a email from her account saying she withdraws her QB job application. There marriage counselor had them agree that Touchdowns Tom would only play for one year and Gselel would get to go to fotball games and then Tom Brad wood retire for real. We’re not sure about this one, but we def agree that Gisele can do whatever she puts her mind to!

Gisele told Tochdown Tom that she would leave if he didnt bring home another supper bowl ring. Supermodels love that bling-bling, yo! Gazelle wanted a bowel ring for each finger, and touchdwn tom did NOT deliver. Buh-bye!

Gisele waves goodbye to Tom the Touchdown. Bye!

Gisele and Tomdown touch got divorced a long tim ago and didn’t want to tell anyone so they made up a story about sending an old tomato that said ‘retire from football or else” but everyones pal Tdown Tom doesnt eat fruit and tomatos are a fruit so he didnt even see the messge. Uh, we guess that makes sense.

Tom Brady is a figment of our imaginations. WHOA. Mind. Blown.

Your opinions about Tom and Giselle are just as valid as the opinions of our fave sports analysts! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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