MLB Future Could Be Cool

Baseball used to be America’s favorite pastime. Not long ago, every little tyke wanted to be on a coach pitch or t-ball team, and kids everywhere collected and traded baseball cards. Well, the MLB is trying to bring “cool” back to baseball!

Big Baseball just announced their official partnership with Charlotte’s Web!

We know what you’re thinking! Reading sucks! But this isn’t your grandmother’s Charlotte’s Web about the talking pig and the family that forgot to lay down pest control treatment until the last chapter. This Charlotte’s Web is a CBD company that makes medicinal cannabis! Neat!

Former baseball fans who quit watching after the league banned all the cool substances are thrilled about the MLB opening a door for drugs.

“CBD is a good start because that can help a lot of players in their post-game recovery,” said one fan. “But if baseball wants to be a big player in American culture again, they’re going to have to step it up.”

Fans of “Old Baseball” hope to see an update to the MLB logo in the coming years.

Fans have compiled a list of hopeful future sponsors of the MLB.

  • Lucky Larry’s LSD LLC
  • Happy Hank’s Heroin
  • Optimum Opioids
  • Ecstasy Emporium
  • Stuart Little Psychedelics
  • Clearance Cocaine Warehouse
  • Beefy John’s Experimental PEDs
  • Rusty Ricky’s Found-Needle Distribution

Whoa! Who would you like to see as the MLB’s coolest new partner? Comment below!

And don’t forget to be careful around drugs!

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