Tagovailoa Clears Concussion Protocol, Receives Celebratory Gift From NFL

NFL fans and regular folks all over were relieved to learn that Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa cleared concussion protocol! Great work, Mr. Tagovailoa’s brain!

In an effort to show concern for players’ brain health, the NFL is making the rookie QB sit out for week six. To promote healing, Big Football also encouraged Tua Tagovailoa to relax and have a fun time away from the football field!

A letter from the NFL to Tua Tagovailoa congratulating him on feeling better!  Tua Tagovailoa's hand is holding two free tickets to Miami's Best All-Wood Roller Coaster Park, the ideal setting for concussion recovery!
Fun! Miami’s #1 choice for concussion recovery!

We hope you had a great day at the amusement park, Tua Tagovailoa!

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