Our Fave College Game Day Tailgating Dishes

We all loooooove food, are we right? We don’t think we could survive more than four days without it! And what about water? We don’t know about you, but we gotta have our beverages!

Saturday NCAA College NFL Jr. Football Game Day is no different! Just because you’re going to watch a bunch of young folks toss the ol’ pigskin in ways that would make grownup football players cringe doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat or drink! You idiot!

We are going to share with you our very fave, very special recipes to make your college game day tailgating experience a smash hit.

The namesake of Tailgating!

Get your grocery lists and pencils out because you will want to make a run to Kroger after you read this!

No game day is complete without the official beverage of football!

Here is what you need:

  • Your credit card or a handful of cold hard cash
  • A grocery store
  • Your ID

Go into the grocery store and buy some beer! We know, it’s hard to believe it’s that simple!

Look at all these brewskis!

This is the most important ingredient for a successful tailgate. If you get this one thing right, then pat yourself on the back!

Our grandma used to say “you better soak up all that beer you stupid lush or the demons will get you!” Well, we always listen to grandma!

And we think there’s nothing better than chips to do the job!

Yes please!

Chips have been the number one food for soaking up booze for thousands of years. All the folks who stop by your tailgate will rave about your set-up if you have a few bowls of chips!

You will need:

  • A bag of regular flavor chips
  • A bag of bbq flavored chips
  • A bag of sour cream n onion chips
  • Another bag of regular flavored chips
  • A bag of tortilla chips
  • A jar of salsa
  • And tub of French onion dip, to class it up

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t French food a little too extra for a tailgate? NOPE! Pile it on, folks! Maybe grab some caviar or escargot, while you’re at it.

Mmmmmm! Just look at those chips. We wish we were at a tailgate right now!

People will be talking about your tailgate for the rest of the season!

Burgers and Dogs
When folks need something a little heartier than chips, they’ll reach for a burger or a hot dog right away.

Just like Nana used to make!

To pull off burgers and dogs, be sure to bring a grill! Doctors say that all kinds of bacteria live in raw hamburger meat, so you’ll have to read the CDC guidelines from cover to cover to make sure your tailgate is compliant.

You want people running back to your tailgate for more delicious food–not running away from it because your food gave them the runs. Just trust us on this one!!

What tailgate food are you making for the big game? Share in the comments!

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