You Will Be SHOCKED By The Least Popular NFL Sponsorship

Pro athletes get all kinds of cool merch and cash in exchange for sponsorships and starring in commercials! If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen a ton of different NFL stars like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson in commercials for State Farm and Subway. Free insurance and free meatball subs for life is an amazing deal!

So what is the least popular sponsorship?

Amazingly enough, and in spite of all the free merch and perks, the sponsorship that ZERO professional footballers want is with Trojan, the famous condom manufacturer!

We know what you’re thinking! What?????! What physical specimen wouldn’t want a lifetime of free Trojan products?

Thankfully for all the ballers out there, the agents read the fine print and noticed what product their clients would be advertising!

Uhhh could we get a gift receipt with those?

What products have you tried just because your fave NFLer recommended them? Share in the comments!

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