NFL Sunday Wardrobe Snafus

We all know what it’s like! You’re running late to work and you grab mismatched socks. Or you’re on your way to a nice restaurant and you forget where you’re going and show up in your half of a couple’s Halloween costume from 2017. It happens to everyone!

Now let’s take a look at some idiots who really ed up on their way to today’s football games!

In Carolina Panthers game against the visiting New Orleans Saints, a mysterious fan was spotted wearing a Larry Fitzgerald jersey! What a dumb bozo! Did you get lost on your way to Arizona?

A moron in Miami showed up to the Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills game wearing a Brett Favre jersey. Now that’s just poor taste!

Hey everyone! It looks like Albert Einstein was in attendance in Tampa Bay as the Buccaneers took on the Green Bay Packers! And he showed up wearing a basketball jersey. GTFO, you clown.

This bonehead was planning to streak at State Farm Stadium during halftime of Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams. Pro tip, buddy: you should probably wear clothes to the game and then take them off as a surprise when you start streaking.

Stay tuned to the Sunday Night Game, and see if you can spot any other misplaced fans!

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