TNF Mic’d Up Highlights

Thursday Night Football has long been known for fun microphone segments where the MVP players wear a microphone so you can hear what they say to their pals on the field.

Tonight Amazon Prime put a twist on the Mic’d Up practice by mic’ing up the accounting department! And because the accounting department normally works from 9 – 5, everyone had to stay late to fit in with the Thursday Night Football schedule.

Let’s see what the Cleveland Browns Accounting Staff had to say during the game!

A real life Brown accounting desktop!

“I can’t believe I’m missing my son’s birthday dinner for this.”

– Carl from Accounting

“Omaha! Omaha! Omaha! Hello? Yes, I’d like to order the deluxe steak package to be delivered on Tuesday.”

– Melanie from Accounting

“I’m secretly rooting for the Pittsburgh.”

– Randy formerly from Accounting

“Hey Carl, I’m out of balance by $50, could you take a look at–what does that mean, what’s that gesture? You’re mic’d??! Oh, uh, I was just kidding, everything balanced to the third decimal point! I love working here!”

– Nadia from Accounting

“Medium Mitch is killing my fantasy season! What did you say, Carl? Oh yeah, I know we’re not allowed to play fantasy football and that the handbook says it’s akin to insider trading. But no one’s going to find out, it’s not like you’re wearing a bug! Carl?”

– Tim formerly from Accounting

Share your favorite Mic’d Up moment in the comments!

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