Who’s To Blame for Raiders Loss to Cardinals?

Today the Las Vegas Raiders lost at home to the visiting Arizona Cardinals. For the Cardinals and their fans, it was an incredible, inspiring comeback story! For the Raiders, it was a shocking, heartbreaking defeat for the team that at one point was winning by 20 points. Whoa!

What went wrong?

Surveys from local fans reveal one man is to blame. His name is Jimmy.

Jimmy is a Raiders fan. He lives in Las Vegas. When he saw the Raiders were winning in the fourth quarter, he thought it would be okay if he stopped watching the game and went to the kitchen to do the dishes.

Big mistake, Jimmy!

Jimmy was only standing eight feet away from his television.
But that eight feet was enough.

Without the maximum amount of Raiders fan support, the Cardinals were able to turn the tables on the home team.

Raiders and Cardinals fans are all saying “Thanks a lot, Jimmy.” But one of them is saying it sarcastically.

Don’t be like Jimmy! Even if you think your team has the game in the bag, you gotta stick it out to the end.

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