Time Capsule Containing Super Bowl Ring To Be Unearthed

Remember in the ’90s when time capsules were all the rage? Everyone from the Power Rangers to President Bill and First Lady Hillary Clinton were burying important things in the ground for future generations to uncover.

Now former Packers, Jets, and Viking quarterback Brett Favre is looking to unearth a time capsule from 1997–but 88 years early!

The time capsule, which was supposed to be opened in 2100, contains Brett Favre’s 1997 Super Bowl ring. Whoa!!

So it’s just buried in the middle of nowhere? Not under Lambeau Field?

Sources close to Brett Favre insist that he just wants another chance to look at his Super Bowl ring–his precious ring. These folks say he absolutely does not want to pawn his Super Bowl ring for money to donate to build a university volleyball stadium.

We hope you can find the time capsule, Brett Favre! Happy digging!

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