NCAA Fans Protest Changes Outside SEC HQ

Change is tough, and NCAA College Football (aka NFL Jr. aka Junior Salary Man Football) is going through a lot of change right now.

Colleges are switching conferences like there’s no tomorrow! Soon the Big Ten could be more like the Big Twenty, and the Pac-12 could be the Pac-3 or -4. We won’t know what college football conferences will look until all the school settle down.

Some fans of SEC teams were upset about all the changes because they liked SEC football as-is; they didn’t want any newcomers to the conference, and they also didn’t want any of their fave SEC schools to leave. This crew of steadfast SEC fans traveled all the way to Washington D.C. to formally protest outside of SEC headquarters!

A gaggle of protestors gathers at SEC HQ.

We can’t wait to see what NCAA NFL Jr. games look like in 2023!

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