Take Me Out To The Brawl Game

MLB has taken a page out of the NHL guide book for keeping fans interested in the game!

After a total snoozefest of a first inning that saw many fans falling asleep in their seats, the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels had to do something drastic to keep the Angel Stadium crowd engaged.

And the baseball players sure delivered.

Already armed with bats, players from both teams rushed the field and started an all-out action-movie style brawl! The fans were suddenly wide awake and more interested in the game than ever.

The umpires let the fighting go on until Angels pitcher Raisel Iglesias rushed the field carrying a bench from the dugout.

Whoa, is baseball cool again?

In the end, six players, including Mr. Iglesias, were ejected. After the adrenaline wore off, folks in the crowd were able to get their afternoon naps in the fourth inning.

Good luck with your new ‘tude, MLB!

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