Attn: Stalkers! NFL Releases Dates and Locations of All Teams’ Training Camps

If you haven’t been to an NFL football game and want to see a real live NFL football player in person or if you’re a sick who would drown a sack of puppies in exchange for a towel covered in Russell Wilson’s sweat, you now have the thrilling opportunity to make your dream come true!

The NFL has officially shared the dates and exact locations of every single team’s training camp. Whoa!!

Be sure to get there early and have your camera phone fully charged. You never know what kind of heart-pounding car-driving, Starbucks-sipping, gym-bag-carrying action you could capture!

You just know there is a football player in that car! And you can bet your first born that he has a coffee and a gym bag!

If you take a neat picture of Patrick Mahomes carrying a Gatorade or Tom Brady picking out some cool tunes on his iPod, your local news might share your photo and your Twitter handle!

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