The Five People You Meet in Your Fantasy Draft

The fantasy football draft room isn’t exactly heaven, but you will meet some people!

The person who types sarcastic comments about everyone else’s picks but gets miffed when someone questions his choice to draft Sam Darnold in the third round. “Darnold is in a completely different tier for me. I’ll show you, I’m winning the title.”

The buddy who complains about the length of time on the draft clock. “This draft is going to take two hours at this rate. If the commissioner had listened to me, we’d be done in 20 minutes.”

The chum who only offers trades that are blatantly in his favor. “I’ll trade you Larry Fitzgerald for Justin Herbert. Final offer.”

Checking out the latest trade offer we received!

The friend who pre-games the draft and falls asleep in the first round. “…”
Be sure to set your player rankings in case of emergency!

The pal who sets their roster for week one and then goes into hibernation until the Playoffs. “Oh, is the season still going on? Who’s winning?”

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