Mets Entire Team Undergoes Drug Tests After Incredible Feats of Strength

A few months ago, sports fans were dreading the start of MLB baseball season. Now the players are ready for the season to be over.

During the yesterday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the New York Mets players showed their frustration with baseball by ripping the baseballs. In half.

Yes, you read that right.

The Busch Stadium infield was littered with the bodies of the Mets’ enemies.

A whole new meaning to “inside baseball” !

Message received by MLB big wigs!

But now every single member of the Mets team is being tested for performance enhancing drugs. Even though the fans in attendance were reportedly “dazzled” by the display of strength and would “absolutely” attend another game where they got to see people rip baseballs in half, the MLB doesn’t want players to have superhuman strength or anything cool or fun or neat like that.

According to friends of Kevin Pillar, who has a personal vendetta against baseballs, the Dodgers outfielder was deeply moved by the Mets’ actions. He cut the article about the Mets out of the LA Times and hung it on his refrigerator.

Good luck with your drug tests, New York Mets!

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