Growing Tom Brady Rumor

Well, folks, we hope you’re ready for a conspiracy theory for the ages.

The media loves to give us all kinds of stories–both true and false–during the NFL off-season. We’re all desperate for football news, and many of us are prepping for our fantasy drafts. And if you’re in a dynasty league, your job as a fantasy owner is never done! And if you are looking to trade or trade for Tom Brady, you’re obviously hanging on every rumor that comes out about the aging Tampa Bay quarterback.

The newest rumor is the Growing Tom Brady Rumor.

There aren’t a lot of details yet, but sources appear to be claiming that the 44-year-old QB is still growing. The paparazzi picked an inopportune time to slack off, so we have no photos indicating whether or not Tom Brady is getting taller or if he’s decided to stop his strict diet.

Tom Brady Sr. might need to do some home renovations if he wants to keep the Tom Jr. chart up-to-date. Also get rid of that wallpaper, yikes.

No one took the rumor seriously until Fox News sportcaster Colin Cowherd professed his belief. Some folks are dismissing the tale as another “zany Fox News” story. But now that the story is making its way across the internet, people are starting to take it seriously.

Medical professionals are concerned for the geriatric QB. Some think that getting much taller than his current 6’4″ could put undue strain on his knees; even if he could see over a few more heads, the benefits likely don’t outweigh the costs. The NFL big wigs are eagerly anticipating the day they can have Tom Brady do a drug test.

Be careful out there, Tom Brady!

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