MLB Opening Day Survey

The clock is ticking, folks! After the long MLB Lockout ended, some folks have been counting down until the official start of baseball season.

Let’s see what folks had to say in the MLB Opening Day Survey!

We threw one by you here! Strike! This was not an opinion question, there is actually a right answer. Opening Day opens on April 7th. Set a timer on your phone!

We guess the people who responded aren’t avid baseball fans! But we feel you, there are so many baseball games, it’s tough to get hung up on a single one just because it’s the first. The Second Next Opening Day is just as important as Regular Opening Day.

Wow, y’all have some varied interests! Is anybody watching baseball?

If it isn’t exciting enough as is, you can always put some money on the game! We know you promised you’d take the fam to Disney Land with that raise you got this year. But just think–if you win BIG, you can go to Disney Land for one whole extra day! Whoa!! And if you win REALLY REALLY BIG, you can buy the ULTRA MEGA ELITE PASS that includes rental noise-cancelling headphones for grown-ups. Everyone might be talking about Bruno, but you won’t have to hear about him! Download the Cash Flusher Gamble App today!

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