NFL Scouts, Fantasy Owners Go Wild Because of NFL Combine Misprint

Even though the NFL Combine has been “a bizarre and useless spectacle” this year, according to journalists, NFL team scouts and fantasy owners have still tuned in to glean what little info they can about this year’s draft candidates. And they were in for some shocking news today!

A possible typo listed Minnesota Offensive Tackle Daniel Faalele at 6 feet tall and 8,385 pounds. And scouts and dynasty fantasy owners collectively lost their minds.

“WE NEED THIS GUY,” an anonymous scout texted in all caps to Tampa Bay Bucs Coach Bruce Arians. “WE. NEED. HIM. Nobody could get through 8K lbs of muscle, Brady will come back for sure!”

When Bruce Arians didn’t reply right away, the Scout followed up with an artist’s rendering of Mr. Faalele at the Combine.

Here a talented artist depicts Mr. Faalele lifting a combine harvester with one hand. Whoa!!!!!

“I know it’s just a sketch, Mr. Arians, but JUST THINK WHAT THIS GUY CAN DO!!!!!!!!1” We think he didn’t mean to put a number one at the end.

“i call dibs on faalele,” typed an anonymous dynasty fantasy owner, who has since been kicked out of his friend group’s start-up dynasty league, in league chat.

Super hero fans on the internet have also jumped on the Faalele bandwagon. “He’s an X-Man. How could weigh that much and still be six feet tall? His bones are clearly made out of a metal not native to Earth,” wrote ibleedsuperherocomics6969lol666420. “There’s no other explanation.”

Although Mr. Faalele’s height and weight were likely a misprint, we can’t wait for the 2022 season so we can see him in action!

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