Happy Holidays, Baseball!

Remember back when you were a little tyke and you’d wake up in the winter after a snow storm and turn on the morning news because cell phones and texting hadn’t been invented yet and you’d watch the local news until you saw that your school district was closed for a SNOW DAY WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! and then you’d jump back in bed where it was nice and warm and sleep for a few extra hours and then get up and watch cartoons all day while everyone else was at work?

We call dibs on the one on the right for our team.

Well, now you get to have this amazing feeling from childhood again as an adult! Because now we have a snow day for MLB Opening Day! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

No pressure to track down your baseball glove for catching foul balls! No pressure to install the update for the Draft King or Cash Flusher app that you’ve been putting off since you lost big on the Super Bowl! No pressure to earmark half your paycheck for ballpark concessions stands!

Just put your feet up, kick back and relax, and put on your fave childhood cartoon because you have a brief reprieve from the stress of baseball!

…at least until the snow storm is over. You can’t put it off forever, the Day has to Open sometime. Then MLB will come back with a vengeance, and you’ll have to cram three weeks worth of baseball statistics into a few days so you’re on schedule to pass the baseball final exam in the fall. But that’s a problem for future you!

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