NBA Fans React to Monday Evening’s LeBron News

Headlines declare BREAKING NEWS about LeBron James! Let’s see how the NBA Fan Community reacted on social media!

That’s a great question, basketball fan 42! We’re confused, too, we didn’t see any news.

Oh yeah, us too, we have all of the sports note pushifications turned on and all that, for all of the sports! Not just basketball and LeBron James. And yes, not only did we not see any basketball LeBron news, we didn’t see any golf or hockey LeBron news either. So if you were worried about him leaving the basketball industry, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You’re welcome.

But you know he hasn’t been on the Cavs for awhile, right?

We like your measured approach to basketball. Alright folks, three tweets have confirmed that LeBron didn’t do anything significant today. We hope you had a great day, LeBron!

Well, we guess it was another false news alarm. Maybe the glamorous singles will text us when the breaking news happens.

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