Save the Date!

Yesterday the folks from the Washington Footballs announced that a new team team will be announced on February 2nd. Circle the date on your calendar! It’s a Wednesday, so you may need to play hooky from work or school if you want to watch the festivities.

Fans of the Washington Footballs and football in general were largely disappointed by the announcement of the upcoming announcement. Nearly 80% of Washington Footballs fans say they will earmark their tax refund for buying a new jersey. The other 10% say that they’re loyal to the Washington Footballs brand, the other 10% says that they would rather make up there own name for the team and custom print a jersey, and a much smaller 10% say they wish the team had a “real cool controversial racist name” and a mascot that offended a large number of people. Uhhhhhh okay, well, that probably won’t happen. But you never know!

Aw man, some bonehead screwed up the cake and put a bunch of question marks where the team name should be! Guess we’ll have to wait until February.

The Washington Footballs have the names narrowed down to a small list of fan-favorites. And if you want to make a little extra mad money, you can place your bets in the “Draft King” or “Cash Flusher” app on what team name you think the Washington Footballs will reveal!

Options include:

  • The Washington Footballs – probably not it, since they said there definitely changing the name. But its an option!
  • The Washtington Fotballs – uhhhh probably not the team name just with a typo lol
  • Washington Foofballs – wow, the team sure got some great suggestions!
  • The Football Team – the one and only!
  • Washington Cash Flushers – now there’s some product placement! Don’t forget to gamble!
  • The Cashington Wash Flushers – lol Washington fans sure like their jokes lol
  • The Washington Gambling – ooooh very relevant!
  • The Washington Gambling Addiction Hotline – the cash flusher app has a speed dial button for the gambling hotline! It doesn’t work, though. Let’s place some more bets!

Well, Team Formerly Known as the Washington Footballs! We can’t wait to see your new identity in four weeks!

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