Tom Brady’s First Madden Cover

You’ve probably heard that Buccaneers QB Legend Tom Brady and the Chiefs Also Legendary QB Patrick Mahomes are both on the cover of the next Madden video game.

Let’s take a look at the first Madden to feature Tom Brady on the cover!

The first Madden to feature Tom Brady was before video games were invented. But kids still loved to play the Madden football board game because they didn’t know any better!

When this Tom Brady Madden Edition was released, gas was only a nickle per gallon! If you don’t know what a nickel is, it’s the .05 at the end of the numbers in your bank app.

Original editions of Tom Brady Madden Experience feature a game board made of 100% asbestos, and the little players are coated in lye! What an adventure!

Unlike today’s Madden games, you had to make up your own Franchise Mode. But you could play with up to 21 of your friends! Nowadays, you’d have to buy 21 extra video game controllers that cost $50 each. Fun and friendship are expensive.

What’s your favorite Madden edition? Comment below!

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