Greatest Pro Sports Team Names

We love transparency in communication!

These are the most accurate team names in professional sports!

Washington Footballs
This is a slam dunk! Right through the uprights, and then you have to pay a fine. Remember way back when the Washington Footballs weren’t called the Washington Footballs? That seems like forever ago! Everyone loves their new name and how descriptive it is. The Washington Footballs have a 100% approval rating!

Every fan cave is a football fan cave! Especially this one.

Philadelphia Phillies
Gotta respect the double down! The only suggestion for improvement would be a change to The Philadelphia Phillingest Phillies That Ever Phillied.

Los Angeles Kings
Crushing it!! When people hear about Kings from California, everybody immediately thinks of the National NHL hockey association team league folks.

Brooklyn Nets
Eat , Mets and Jets! (Jk, we’re just messing with you!) The Brooklyn Nets are obviously a basketball NBA team because everybody associates nets with basketball. Sorry, tennis and volleyball! You can kiss our ing es!

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