Where do Warriors come from?

After last night’s NBA Play-In game, the entire world wants to know!

The Golden State Warriors ran onto the court in some pretty special jerseys for their game with fellow Californians the Los Angeles Lakers. Usually the Warriors can be found sporting yellow jerseys with a real cool bridge on the front. Everybody loves a good bridge.

But last night, they were wearing these:

How does Steph Curry do it??

None of the viewers could remember Oakland having a basketball team. In an official poll of over one million basketball fans, only 14% agreed that the Golden State Warriors are from San Francisco. And now they’ve thrown Oakland into the mix!

Good guesses, folks!

Sources close to the Warriors believe that, with the departure of the Raiders to Las Vegas and the potential departure of the Oakland Athletics to not-Oakland, the Golden State Warriors are looking to get in on the Oakland Arena action next season! Without the football field and baseball diamond, they’ll only have to compete with the tennis court, swimming pool, rodeo, and javelin throwing sections.

Sources less close to the Warriors asked what state the Golden State is. Sources even farther away asked why is basketball.

Good luck with the Play-Ins and -Offs, Warriors! We hope you find your roots.

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