Five Most Unusual NBA Jersey Sponsors

It could be awhile until we see NBA jerseys again IRL. Let’s take a look at the five (5) strangest jersey sponsors of the 2019-2020 season.

“A super computer needs a super virus!”

Team: Miami Heat

Any website that sponsors a b-ball team must be legitimate and cool! Be sure to check it out!

Don’t miss their in-game videos!

Team: Philadelphia 76ers
Sponsor: PornHub

Really, people, this is supposed to be a family-friendly sport! Get your acts together, 76s.

Too soon.

Team: Orlando Magic
Sponsor: COVID-19

Definitely a controversial sponsor. Due to all the recent negative publicity, up-and-coming coronavirus COVID-19 is attempting some personal re-branding by sponsoring the Magic. Be sure to bring hand sanitizer to the games, and maybe lay off the finger food.

Jewelry stores hate this one trick.

Team: Sacramento Kings
Sponsor: Blood Diamonds

Wow, uh, another controversial sponsor here! Not in the news as much anymore, Blood Diamonds are looking to make a comeback and be front page news again. Best of luck to you, we guess?

Vodka is now only choice of beverage at Center of Chase. Nostrovia!

Team: Golden State Warriors
Sponsor: Rasputin

That’s right, folks, the Russian mystic is back and ready to be a big wig in the field of basketball.


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