TNF Scheduling Mishap

Everyone was expecting the Steelers to play in the Week 9 Halloween Edition of Thursday Night Football. The Steelers already have matching bumblebee outfits, so it only seemed fitting that they participate in the Halloween game and wear their throwback uniforms. Cardinals 1st year coach Kliff Kingsbury didn’t even look at the calendar on Monday, he just grabbed all the Steelers film and the team went to work.

Imagine the surprise on the Cardinals sideline when the San Francisco 49s ran out of the tunnel at University of Phoenix Stadium!

And they weren’t even wearing costumes. The Cardinals had to go back to the locker room and change before the game could start. Cards safety Budda Baker was especially disappointed because he had purchased a bee costume for the game in the hopes of tricking Steelers QB Mason Rudolph into passing him the ball.

Baker found this dope outfit at the Last Chance Clearance Store in Scottsdale!

Great creative thinking, Budda Baker! Bummer it didn’t work out.

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