Decoding NFL Jerseys

NFL players have a lot of pieces of flair on their jerseys these days. What does it all mean?

This is the NFL Logo! It means the jersey was manufactured by the NFL. If you see a jersey without one, look out! That’s a fake player.

Nike swoosh. This team is sponsored by Nike!

Adidas stripes. This jersey was made by Adidas.

C with one star. The C stands for “captain” and the star means this player is a star.

C with two stars. The C stands for “cool” and two stars means the player has two dogs.

C with three stars. The C is the grade he got in high school algebra, and this player’s mood is a 3 out of 10 😦

C with four stars. The C stands for “catch” and the player has had four catches.

Gold Darth Vader. A player wearing this is proud of his affiliation with the Sith.

Patch. This jersey has been ripped and had to be quickly mended. The player will be fined $500 for being off-brand.

Grass stain. This player slid on the turf at some point.

Scorch mark. This jersey has seen some $#*&.

Taped-on sign. This player has made an enemy. And will be fined $500 because his number is obscured, which is mega off-brand.

Random letters. These are the initials of someone who passed away. The team is playing in honor of this person, and if they can’t win their game, it means they don’t actually care about the deceased person and his or her soul will be stuck in limbo for all eternity.

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