Fantasy Football Trends

The player to keep ur eye on in fantasy this week is Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles!

In the past 4 days, a astonishing number of fantasy football players have added The Bort (as they affectionately call him) to their rosters!  The Bort has experienced a 375% popularity increase!  His stats are pretty impressive this season, in part due to Jacksonville’s innovative Magic 8 Ball play calling!  Those close to the coaching staff have revealed that the Magic 8 Balls are defective, so they just say “Bortles” whenever the coaches ask what play to go with!  Wild!!  That bodes well for the rest of the season, if ur a Bortles fantasy owner!

Bort Fanatics are currently putting together an Official Blake Bortles Fan Club!  The BBFC will have cool Blake Bortles trivia that u can’t find anywhere else and fun Bortles quizzes and games that u can play, like those slider puzzles where u unscramble tiles and make a pic of Blake Bortles throwing a TD pass or w/e.  Cool!  When u win games on the BBFC website, u can earn “Bort Bucks” which can then b redeemed for cool Blake Bortles paraphernalia, like a Blake Bortles desktop background or a Blake Bortles fat head or a Blake Bortles souvenir napkin from when he ate at Chipotle a few weeks ago and thought no one was watching him.  It seems like everyone wants a piece of The Bort!

If u were lucky enough to get The Bort off waivers, congratulations on acquiring a prolly top 10 QB!  If u werent, u might still be able to make a trade for him, idk what ur roster looks like.  But whether ur a proud Bortles fantasy owner, a life long Bort Fanatic, or a cautiously optimistic Bort supporter, tune in to the Jacksonville game this weekend and hop on board the Bort Bandwagon!  (It will be called the Bort-Wagon on the BBFC website.)  Wave ur Bort Banners high!!

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