Adrian Peterson 2015 Debut

After taking a year off from professional football for some soul searching n traveling, former Bad Guy and Fashion Icon Adrian Peterson made his triumphant return to the NFL as Regular Adrian Peterson in the Monday night game against the San Farncisco 49ers.  The fashion world was anxiously waiting to see what Mr. Peterson would wear for his thrilling 2015 debut!  Mr. Peterson wowed fans when he dashed onto the field sporting the pure white n vibrant purple the state colors of his native Minnesota.  Rumor has is Calvin Klein wept with joy when he beheld the sight, and Alexander Mcqueen said that he himself couldn’t have pulled it off better!  Way to make some waves, Adrain Peterson!!  He then made some major waves on the field, scoring over 70 touchdowns and shattering the world record for touchdowns ever!  Unfortunately due to some offensive line holding penalties, all of his touchdowns got called back.  But he wasnt mad or anything, just goin with the flow, smiling n living the dream of being an NFL!  Keep ur chin up n remember 2 stay positive this season!

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