Some fantasy advice

ok so depending on when ur fantasy football draft was for some fantasy leagues THIS WEEKEND IS THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!!!!!!  some leagues have different lengths of seasons or w/e so this might not apply 2 everyone.  but for ppl who have a serious game this weekend LISTEN UP here r some players u will want to take our of ur starting lineup.

1. Payton manning remember when he left the game last weekend??  just when u thought the ebola crisis was over now we have all these doubts 😦  no one really knows how to test for it so we might never know if manning has it or not.  but Papa John wouldn’t let him make any pizzas this week.  n he said that manning was singing along with that new Ebola Christmas song on the radio so idk what that means.  so u should prolly play it safe and not start him.

2. JAY CUTLER almost everyone has heard about his disappointing monday night game.  well Whats His Name the coach of of the Chicago Bulls decided to bench cutler this weekend.  so GET HIM OUT OF UR STARTING LINEUP!!!!!!!!  sources haven’t confirmed whats wrong with cutler.  he doesnt believe in vaccines so he might have mumps or polio or w/e.  any of those diseases would be rly distracting.  it could also be the diabetes, cutler’s friend Wilford Brimley has been asking him for years 2 get that fixed.  don’t worry, jay cutler!!! it will get better!  and at least u don’t have ebola

3. that one cornerback for the Falcons or the Eagles or some bird team idk the Cardinals

4 JAMAAL CHARLEs.  u guys this is a GAME TIME DECISION.  rumors say that he started watching LOST on netflix earlier today so idk if he’ll be done by sunday.  there are like 8 seasons of that show and u have to watch every episode twice in order to understand it.  theres also a fan theory that the show truly begins in season 4 episode 6 and u have to watch the episodes backwards.  so he will prolly watch them in that order, to.

5. Julio Jones.  he will prolly play but wouldn’t it b cool if u could say u won the fantasy football championship game with ur best wide receiver on ur bench!

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