College Basketball Fans Join Bracket Watch

College Basketball fans across the country are currently staring at a piece of paper or maybe their computer screen to participate in the 2023 Bracket Watch.

“This isn’t very interesting,” said a confused fan. “I wanted to watch the college basketball game on TV tonight, but ESPN said to watch this bracket.” The fan gestured to a piece of paper where he had printed out a 2023 NCAA March Madness Bracket. “It’s not really doing anything, though. It’s just a sheet of paper. I mean, I guess I can make sure somebody doesn’t steal it or something.”

“I think you’re supposed to meditate and commune with the bracket before you write the teams on it,” said another college bracketball afficionado. “But I feel like it would be more informative to actually watch the games on TV before filling out the bracket.”

Don’t worry! If you don’t have a bracket to look at, you can look at the sample below.

Hey, this is only part of a bracket! How am I supposed to commune with the Big Sixty-Eight?

If you decide to multitask and watch both your bracket and the games on TV, we won’t tell anyone!

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