John Harbaugh “Relieved” Little Brother Jim Staying at Michigan

Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh breathed a sigh of relief today when his little bro Jim Harbaugh announced that he will continue to coach the Michigan Wolverines in 2023 and not pursue a head coaching role in the NFL.

“I’m the oldest, so I should be the NFL coach,” John Harbaugh reportedly told some close buddies. “Maybe when he gets to be my age, he can try out the NFL again.”

“Yeah, the little bro has to know his place,” said sources close to the older Harbaugh brother. “Little bro needs to coach a little college team.”

Friends of the Harbaughs report that John and Jim’s mom writes “one heck of a Christmas letter” every year. Like any siblings, the Har-bros would compete to see who could get a better write-up from their mom.”

John Harbaugh imagines his mom’s 2023 letter.

Best of luck next season, Harbough Brothers! Let us know what your mom writes in the Christmas cards!

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