Cardinals, Titans Recruiters Blocked By Thousands on LinkedIn

You’d think an NFL coaching gig would be the dream job! But as the Arizona Cardinals and Tennessee Titans are finding out, the pool of applicants is smaller than expected.

“I finally just had to unfollow the Titans,” said an avid 20-something LinkedIn user. “I’ve been getting 10 DMs a day from recruiters saying I’d be a good fit. But I don’t even live in Tennessee, and I’ve only ever worked retail! I don’t really think I’m qualified.”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve won a few trophies in a dynasty fantasy league with my buddies,” said a 40-something Phoenix resident. “But look, I’ve got my exciting finance job to focus on. The numbers aren’t going to crunch themselves! The Cards will be fine.”

Said every first grader ever!

Good luck to everyone’s favorite bad bird team the Cardinals and America’s sweethearts the Titans!

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