Rejected NCAA Bowl Game Sponsors

It’s that time of year again! The snow is falling in various places, there’s torn up wrapping paper all over the living room, and a bunch of CEOs are really disappointed that their companies didn’t get to sponsor a college football NFL Jr. Bowl Game.

Every year, people laugh at the new bowl game titles. Remember when there was a Toilet Bowl?? Neither do we!

Here are the five saddest companies that didn’t get to sponsor a college football bowl in 2022.

Trojan Ultra Tinies Bowl. The folks at Trojan Weenie Socks offered a hefty chunk of cold hard cash to get a bowl game with their famous product in the title. Unfortunately, no one was free to film the commercials, so they had to pull out. lol

Air Bud XXXII: Future Mirai Mecha-Bud Officiates the World Pup Bowl. Ad execs thought it would be great publicity to snag a bowl game sponsorship and name it after the newest title in the Air Bud Extended Universe. Unfortunately, after blowing most of the budget on real cool CGI golden retrievers, there wasn’t enough money left to update the stadium signage. Better luck next year with Air Bud XXXIII!

Bob’s Cocaine Warehouse Bowl. Bob the CEO would have paid a pretty penny to get his business in a bowl game sponsorship title! But apparently the powers that be didn’t think his business was ‘family friendly’ enough.

Agent Orange Bowl. Whoa. This one got vetoed immediately. The c-suite executives at Big War Crimes thought they might be able to improve their reputation by sponsoring a friendly game of football and making a play on words of the popular Orange Bowl. But the world just isn’t ready.

Jefferson County Dog Pound and Canine Destruction Facility Bowl. This one was a mouthful! And it almost made the cut until the Bowl Game Big Wigs saw the proposed jersey design.

“And be sure to work in our slogan! ‘Not all dogs go to Heaven.'”

Would you have watched any of these bowls? Comment below!

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