Do’s and Don’ts For Soldier Field

Neither snow nor snow nor cold nor extreme cold nor more snow will deter the NFL!

In preparation of Saturday’s chilly match-up between the Chicago Bears and the visiting Buffalo Bills, Soldier Field has released a list of frequently asked about items and whether or not they can be brought into the stadium.

Let’s take a look!

Personal Space Heater. Sorry folks, you’ll have to leave your space heaters at home! There just isn’t enough room for both the football fans and their space heaters. And having 61,000 individual heaters plugged in is a big no-no in terms of fire safety.

Coats. Yes! Everyone, please wear coats if you’re going to watch the game in person. We know you want your buddies to see you with a giant bear painted on your chest, but trust us, you’ll have more fun if you just wear your winter coat.

Actual Fire. No. Unfortunately the folks at Soldier Field will not let you light a fire in the stands.

Hats. Uh yeah. Much like coats, hats are also a great way to stay warm when it’s cold outside. The people at Soldier Field are a bit shocked that they need to explain this to you.

Those little hand warmers you can buy at Home Depot and put inside your glove. Sure. Knock yourself out.

A flamethrower. No! Soldier Field will definitely not allow flamethrowers at the game.

The carcass of a giant beast that you can climb inside and pretend like it’s that scene from Star Wars. Absolutely not.

A can of gasoline and also–totally separate from that–a lighter, and there aren’t any like solid plans to use the two items together but it’s not completely out of the question. No to both.

Time to test your knowledge!

What are the people below doing wrong?

If you answered “rooting for the Bears”, congratulations, you are correct!

But also please don’t light anything at Soldier Field on fire. Stay safe, everyone!

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