Fans Worried About Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford recently announced that after a season plagued by injuries, he would not be retiring from the NFL, and the internet had mixed reactions!

While some fans were pumped about the Rams possibly getting another shot at the title with Matt Stafford behind the wheel, other reached out to Mr. and Mrs. Stafford with concern.

“Football is fun and all, but take a look at Brady,” pointed out one fan on the ol’ Insta. “He switched teams, won a title with the new team, decided to keep playing after that, and now he’s divorced.”

“Wait what does kelly think,” tweetered another fan. “be sure to talk to kelly before you sign any paperwork. maybe you can just do a few more pizza pizza commercials”

We think you need to get a newer scale, Matt Stafford.

“matt noooooooooooooo,” said a weird tiger-person in the Meta-void. “unless kelly likes the idea. then yessssssssss.”

No one wanted to listen to the tiger, though, because it was mega-annoying.

What do you think about Matt Stafford? Comment below!

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