FIFA President Tells Players to be Polite and Not to Point at the Slave Labour

The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, wrote a letter to the FIFA teams asking them not to share their opinions on politics and values during the World Cup Games.

Various sources have shared excerpts from the letter, and it seems like a bad look for Mr. Infantino, the leader of all of the world’s soccer aka football teams!

“He said that nobody cares what we think, they just want to watch us run around a kick a ball,” said one despondent FIFA player who wished to remain anonymous so Big Soccer doesn’t crack down on him. “I’m more than just a pair of legs and some feet.”

Another player recalled Mr. Infantino’s careless dismissal of the migrant workers who built the World Cup facilities in Qatar. “He said, ‘Look, everybody in the world knows about the migrant workers, but don’t talk about that while you’re there. You wouldn’t tell your friend’s mother that you didn’t like the dinner she made especially for you just because she brought in a bunch of vulnerable impoverished people to cook the meal for you. That would be incredibly rude. So please do not mention the slave labour.'”

An artist’s rendering of the memo from everybody’s pal Gianni Infantino.

“Be sure to thank Qatar and tell them how lovely their facilities are,” Mr. Infantino allegedly wrote. “But don’t ask how or when they were made.”

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