Five Weirdest Complaints Fielded by Madden 23 Hotline

The makers of the iconic NFL football video games made the brave decision to get input from the gamers about the player ratings in the new game. Whoa!!! Giving a voice to the people!

But it’s not as wholesome as it sounds. The only way to give feedback is to call a hotline using the seldom-used voice call feature on your smart phone! “We thought that would deter people,” shared a Madden insider. “Everyone knows Millennials and Gen Z-ers hate making phone calls, that’s why we didn’t have a text or online chat option.”

But based on the sheer number of Madden 23 complaints fielded by the two-person call center, the old-fashioned voice non-text option didn’t deter the Madden video game fans!

Let’s take a look at the five weirdest complains the Official Madden 23 Call Center had to address.

We hear the folks who made the player ratings are in witness protection!
The blue screen is the most powerful football player of all.
Let us know if you get your refund!
This is exactly what the hotline is for.

Did you have an experience with the Madden hotline? Comment below!

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