Notre Dame Tuition to Increase, Fund Solid Gold Shamrock Series Garb

Students at the University of Notre Dame are expecting to see a tuition hike after the big reveal of the solid gold Shamrock Series special jerseys.

For students and alumni, the ShamWow Series–which features special one-time-use uniforms–is both a blessing and a curse. Older alumni prefer to see the Fighting Irish in their classic football uniforms without the bells and whistles. “Don’t with the helmets,” said an alum from the class of 1974. “We don’t like that.”

The younger alums and current students think the special helmets and uniforms are “neat”–but not at the expense of higher tuition. “The solid gold is a nice touch,” said one whippersnapper alum from the class of ’96, “but it’s going to be hard for the players to move around in the metal jerseys.”

We were able to find an actual photo of a prior year’s ShamWow Series helmet. All of the one-time-use-only football gear is kept in the storage closet with banker boxes full of general ledger journal entries. Whoa. Accounting and football together at last!

Uh, nice shamrock. No pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, we guess.

What do you think of the special Shamrock Series gear? Comment below!

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