NBA Looking to Reduce Minimum Age

How low can you go? Rock and Roll icon Chubby Checker posed this question way back in 1963, and now NBA fans, coaches, and players are wondering the same thing! But Mr. Checker was talking about the limbo and not the age requirement for professional basketball teams. Depending on how old you are, you may remember doing the limbo in gym class while your gym teacher played Chubby’s 2nd greatest hit or you might remember the cool chicken version. You know a party’s going to be a hoot when the host busts out a limbo stick!

Soon, though, NBA post-game parties might not be much of a hoot. Adam Silver, the commissioner of National Basketball aka Basketball’s Roger Goodell, wants to lower the minimum age of NBA players.

Currently the age limit is 19. Alright!

But soon enough, basketball players as young as 8 could be playing on professional teams! Games could start up to 5 hours earlier to accommodate player bedtimes, and after parties will feature a lot more Shirley Temples and apple juice.

In 20-ish years, maybe a little twerp like Aaron Carter could really beat Shaq! Or he could end up in the ER. It’s a toss up.

How many NBA Jr.-Jr.-Jr. players do you want on your fantasy basketball team? Comment below!

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