How Bobby Bonilla Day is Celebrated Around the World

Friday was one of Major MLB Baseball’s major holidays! Bobby Bonilla Day commemorates a real doozy of a decision made by New York Mets management who were jazzed about all the money they were going to make from their investments with Bernie “Big Ponzi” Madoff. (The nickname should have been a clue that things were going to go south lol.) Now on Bobby Bonilla Day, Mr. Bobby Bonilla gets paid a million dollars by the Mets for just existing and not playing baseball.

To many, Bobby Bonilla is #careergoals #retirementgoals #workhero and a true example of how to make your career work for you.

Let’s take a look at how folks around the globe celebrated this fun holiday!

MLB Owners
Fellow MLB owners who didn’t do a scam and promise an obscene amount of money to a single player typically visit their bank vaults and spend some quality time with their true love.

What a lovely picnic!

MLB Rookies and Minor MLB-Jr. Players
After downing a few beers and crunching the salary numbers in Excel, young baseball players often do some doom-scrolling on Zillow and try to figure out how many roomies they’ll need in order to afford a house in the cities they want to play in. Stay strong, young ballers!

Mets Fans
Mets fans love to have a good lol about the team and go all-out celebrating their pal Bobby Bonilla! Fun fact: the Official Bobby Bonilla Day Parade floats used to be made out of actual money, which was then donated to keep the lights on at Citi Field. Nowadays, with gas prices being what they are, folks just use the fake kind from a Monopoly box.

How did you celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day? Share in the comments!

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