Will Athletics Follow Raiders to Vegas?

If the Raiders’ last season is anything to go by, they certainly left athletics behind in Oakland. Ba dum tssss.

But seriously, folks. Everyone thought the Oakland Athletics would be thrilled to have one fewer team sharing Oakland Coliseum aka RingCentral Coliseum. Unfortunately, much to the players’ disappointment, Coliseum staff never took down the football goal posts or washed off the football field markings. Outfielders for the A’s just got used to ignoring the football lines and running around the perimeter of the Olympic swimming pool to catch the ball.

But as if that weren’t distracting enough, the powers that be at RingCentral divvyed up more of the space to NASCAR and archery.

We think you could freeze the swimming pool and bring in a hockey team.

Decision-makers for the Coliseum have tried to keep all the teams happy, occasionally double-booking the diamond-field-pool-racetrack. “We thought the players would have fun with some outside intervention,” shared one anonymous big wig. “Baseball bounces off of a Nascar or gets skewered by an arrow. Easy out, right there.”

But apparently the Oakland A’s have had enough! Only time will tell if they decide to follow their former coliseum roomies the Raiders or if they can convince the city of Oakland to build them their very own state-of-the-art baseball stadium with a retractable roof, heated bases, and self-watering grass.

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