The 5 Senses: Hockey Game Experience

If you’re trying to get into a sport that’s more underground than football or basketball, there are still a few weeks left to hop on the NHL hockey bandwagon! The NFL Playoffs for the coveted Stanley Cup (that’s the Lombardi Trophy for the NHL) are in full swing. So make your way to a playoff game and get your butt in a seat.

Here’s what you can expect.

Hearing: Some Cool Swears
If you’re bringing the fam to a hockey game, bring earmuffs for the kiddos or get ready to explain why the nice man with the beer is telling the ref to “shove up his until the comes out and and or . ing , you !”
One thing you won’t hear at a hockey game is “Move It, Move It”. Big Hockey needs the fans to stay as still as possible; too much energy being released would melt the ice.

Taste: Beer
Be prepared for this, folks. Everything that isn’t alcohol freezes in a hockey arena. Grab a beer or nothing.

Rookie mistake. Just get the beer next time.

Sight: Part of the Game
If you focus on center court through the opening in your ski mask and below your furry hat with the ear flaps, you may catch a glimpse of the puck sailing by! Blink and you’ll miss it!

Whoops, you didn’t mention you’re wearing glasses. Once those puppies fog up, you won’t see much of anything.

Smell: Blood
There’s a reason our ancestors played hockey on ice. The sharks can’t smell blood through the frozen waters. And trust us, there will be blood.

Touch: Nothing
Your extremities will be numb before the end of the first quarter! But don’t worry, only two more quarters to go! Unlike other sports, hockey only has three quarters. Good stuff!


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