The 5 Senses: Baseball Game Experience

So you want to go to a MLB baseball game! It will surely be a treat for the senses.

Here’s what you can expect.

Hearing: “Move It, Move It”
A live sports game classic!

Oh neat the animals are dancing, let’s dance.

Taste: Beer and Hot Dogs
If you’re attending a Major League MLB game in person and you don’t shell out $20 for a brewsky and a dog, did you actually even go to the game? No. You didn’t. So pay up!

Sight: The inside of your eyelids
We know, the game is long and slow. No one will notice if you just rest your eyes for a few minutes. Quick cat nap. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any action!

If you’re doing baseball right, this should be 40% of what you see.

Smell: Sweat
Not from the players, silly! They don’t move a lot and they’re far away. But the other fans sure are hustling to grab their hot dogs and cracker jacks and get back to their seats in time for the mid-inning nap.

Touch: Stickiness
We don’t know what the seats and floors are made of, but it sure feels interesting!


What are you waiting for, go buy some baseball tickets!

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